I didn’t want to leave the house or have to talk to anyone.

I didn't want to leave the house or talk to anyone

Before coming to Libby, I was struggling emotionally and physically, finding it challenging just to do my day. 

My weight had been a problem as long as I can remember. I was very self-conscious of my size and it had become painful to move.

Over the years I had tried numerous weight-loss programs. Almost always, the initial results were positive, and I could see and feel the progress. Then I would put all the weight back on. I can’t tell you how devasting it was to see that pattern repeat over time. It left me so frustrated and disappointed with myself. I felt hopeless.

As a result, I became tired and withdrawn; I didn't want to leave the house or have to talk to anyone.  Some days it was even a struggle to pull myself together to go to work. I had mornings when, after the rest of the family had left, I would curl up, bury my head in a pillow and just cry. All I wanted was to pull the curtains and stay in the dark. I couldn’t face the day.

To make things worse, I didn’t understand why I was in this state. On the surface, life was good; I should have been happy. I wasn’t. I was depressed, and I now realise that I had been in that dark space for eight months.  After being diagnosed with depression, I was advised to see a psychiatrist. 

That’s when I met Libby

When I approached her for help, I had serious doubts about my own ability to overcome my challenges. And I was anxious. It’s not easy to be totally honest with yourself let alone expose your inner thoughts and feelings to another person.

I needn’t have worried.

From the first meeting, I could feel Libby’s compassion and encouragement. She also exuded a reassuring confidence, and I now know why.  Libby has such a breadth and depth of skill and insight. These give her the ability to drill down to the core concerns where the real problems lie.

Dealing with historical beliefs can be painful, but with Libby, there is no blame assigned. Instead, her insights allowed me to properly understand myself and her skill-specific coaching gave me the tools I needed to become a stronger version of my current self. 

What results did you see?

Libby’s approach is very accurate and effective.

I was surprised at how quickly I could see changes in myself. I have become far more active and my joints are not as painful as they were.  I’ve lost weight and even the eczema rash that I have had for 20 years has gone! 

As my confidence increased, all of my relationships improved, and opportunities opened up to me at work. 

Not only have I gained things with Libby’s help, I’ve also left bad things behind. My negativity and self-doubt have gone. So have the feelings of frustration and hopelessness. In their place is this undeniable belief that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Those aren’t just words; I really know it.   

It’s hard to describe the new state I live in. I feel…lighter.

I want to thank Libby for the work we have done so far, for the tools and insights she has given me and for the impact she has had on my life. Now I wake up in the morning looking forward to the day and what it may bring.