In so many ways I have had an extraordinary life. And when I say extraordinary, I’m not just referring to the many high points, but also the numerous challenges I’ve faced along the way. 

Everyone has highs and lows. 

I've learned that what matters most is not the actual events, but who you decide to be in those moments. 

So who am I? Well, I'm...

...a wife, a mother, a stepmum, an in-law, a nana, a sister, a friend; so I know what it’s like to navigate the variable nature of relationships. I’ve lost my father, my mother, a son, and others, so I know the pain of grief and loss, and how to navigate through that pain to a place of peace. I’ve faced physical illness that seemed to have no solution, yet found a way through it to a place of restored health and well-being.

And there's more, but what I hope you can see is that I know what it’s like to be stuck, and what it takes to come out the other side.

Seed Waikato Speaking Event: Feb 2018