Everyone gets stuck. Maybe it's in anger you can't quite control. Or a relationship that’s complicating your life. In a grief that won't lift. With anxiety that cripples your performance. With pain that nothing can shift. In fatigue that shrinks your world. With a depression that darkens the mind. In an addiction that can’t be subdued. In a fear that chokes your progress. With a body weight that won’t stay down.

We all get stuck at times. And when we do, it’s easy to feel trapped and frustrated, even embarrassed because we can’t shift it.

You’ve tried to get free

Perhaps you tried positive thinking. Or you hired experts, like trainers and counsellors, even psychologists. You may have given meditation a go or tried heavy doses of medication or willpower. Some things worked, in the beginning, but the progress didn’t last and the stuckness returned. In some cases, it may have gotten worse. Because with each failed effort, you lost a little hope, until you ended up saying “Where on earth do I go from here?” That’s despair.

But you’re not quite finished. You’re at my website because you haven’t given up entirely on the possibility of change. Good. Because you need to know there are ways to get unstuck that you haven’t yet tried. With that in mind, I’d like to explain a word that might be unfamiliar to you. Neuroplasticity.

I'm Libby Gairdner, Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner,  Life Skills Trainer and Coach. For 25+ years I've been helping people get free;  free from things that have drained the colour out of their lives. As you read through my website and some testimonials of people I've worked with, I trust you'll discover that I can help you make the shift you're looking for.

Have hope. I know for a fact that you can be transformed by the renewing of your magnificent mind.

After a minor adenoidectomy and grommet surgery, our son Michael reacted unusually during recovery. In the first 24 hours post-surgery, he experienced increasingly severe lower-limb pain and loss of function. Within 48 hours he was given a wheelchair and no diagnosis.  


Before I met Libby, I was doing a lot of negative thinking. This had been an issue for a long time, but in the last six years, the anxiety had gotten worse.  My self-esteem and confidence were shot and as a result, I was afraid to be in some social situations.


Life gets messy for most of us and it is hard to make change on your own. Knowing the value of working with a skilled, professional coaching practitioner, I am very selective about who I ask for help.