Give a Life-Giving Gift

Maybe you know someone who could do with a bit of help.  Gifting a coaching certificate is a truly meaningful way to offer support and guidance to someone you care about. 

The choice is yours.  You can fund one session, several sessions, a partial contribution to one or more sessions, or even put money towards their application for the Lightning Process - whatever you think would be the best value contribution to their circumstances.  Whatever option you choose, you can be confident that you're giving a gift that will change a life and last a lifetime.

Arranging a gift certificate is easy.  All you need to let us know is the value of your gift, the recipient's name, whether you want to fund or partially fund Coaching or the Lightning Process.  Or maybe you can let them make the choice themselves about which service they sign up for.  We will provide you with a Gift Certificate either by mail or in electronic version, whichever you prefer.