"Before I met Libby, I was doing a lot of negative thinking. This had been an issue for a long time, but in the last six years, the anxiety had got worse. My self-esteem and confidence were really low." (Female, 38 yrs)

I'd tried to overcome my fears by working with a counsellor who specialised in anxiety. That helped me identify things that had led me to becoming an anxious person, and those insights did reduce some of the symptoms I had at that time. But I wasn't sure how to really change my thinking.

When I was introduced to Libby, I hoped she would give me some practical tools to turn my negative thinking around. But even taking that step felt risky. Would I learn enough to make a real difference? What if the things I gained from her didn’t help? These were the doubts that filled my head at the time.

Most of those doubts melted in our first session. You realise very quickly that Libby’s confidence and happiness comes from a place of competence. And she's really easy to talk to.

I was also impressed that she didn't settle for easy answers. At the time it felt a little uncomfortable, but that made me work harder, to think for myself and be more creative in coming to better conclusions. I think I had learned to be a bit lazy in my thinking patterns.

How did life change?

Libby gave me the tools to retrain my own mind.  I no longer take on other people’s emotions or think that I'm responsible to carry their burdens when they’re not mine to bear.  I’ve also left behind a lot of anger and cynicism.

Now I feel confident in who I am. My emotions are balanced and I’m a much better mum, able to parent my kids with confidence and positivity. And I can now do things that I have always wanted to do but shied away from due to fear. Like public speaking!

Am I happier? Absolutely!  My confidence is up, which allows me to take responsibility for who I am and what I do. If I knew someone who needed to shift their thinking, I would definitely direct them to Libby.

"I didn't want to leave the house or have to talk to anyone. Some days it was a real struggle to pull myself together and go to work. I would bury my head in a pillow and just cry." (Female, 48 yrs)

I was struggling emotionally and physically, finding it challenging just to do my day. My weight had been a problem as long as I can remember. I was very self-conscious of my size and it had become painful to move. 

I'd tried numerous weight-loss programs over the years. Almost always, the initial results were positive, and I could see and feel the progress. Then I would put all the weight back on. I can’t tell you how devasting it was to see that pattern repeat over time. It left me so frustrated, hopeless and disappointed with myself. 

Over time, I became tired and withdrawn; I didn't want to leave the house or have to talk to anyone.  Some days it was even a struggle to pull myself together to go to work. I had mornings when, after the rest of the family had left, I would curl up, bury my head in a pillow and just cry. All I wanted was to pull the curtains and stay in the dark. I couldn’t face the day. 

To make things worse, I didn’t understand why I was in this state. On the surface, life was good; I should have been happy. I wasn’t. I was depressed, and I now realise that I had been in that dark space for eight months.  After being diagnosed with depression, I was advised to see a psychiatrist. 

But I chose to follow a different path and see Libby instead. I wanted to address my overall wellness as a whole - the physical and the emotional.

When I approached her for help, I had serious doubts about my own ability to overcome my challenges. And I was anxious. It’s not easy to be totally honest with yourself let alone expose your inner thoughts and feelings to another person.

I needn’t have worried.

Libby works with skill, insight and ability.  She's confident and capable, caring and encouraging. She's able to drill down to the core concerns where the real problems lie. Dealing with historical beliefs can be painful, but with her, there was no sense of blame. Instead, she helped me to properly understand myself and her coaching gave me the tools I needed to become a stronger version of my current self. 

I was surprised at how quickly I could see changes in myself. I've become far more active and my joints are not as painful as they were.  I’ve lost weight and even the eczema rash that I have had for 20 years has gone! As my confidence has increased, all of my relationships have improved, and opportunities have opened up to me professionally. 

Not only have I gained things with Libby’s help, I’ve also left bad things behind. My negativity and self-doubt have gone. So have the feelings of frustration and hopelessness. In their place I now believe that I can do whatever I put my mind to!   

I look forward to tomorrow again.

Coaching with Libby has been incredibly effective and I've found it an amazing, positive experience. I want to thank her for the work we've done, for the tools and insights she's given me and for the positive impact she's had on my life. I am stronger and more assertive, yet more gentler than I've ever been.

"Before coming to Libby, I had no idea what was causing my problems. I honestly thought others had the issue, not me. I couldn’t have been more wrong." (Male, 43 yrs)

Libby helped me in the biggest way possible. She gave me the ability to see what lay behind my negative behaviours, which for me actually went right back to my childhood. I hadn’t realised how my inner thoughts were affecting my outward attitudes and actions, which in turn were impacting how others perceived me. This affected all aspects of my life; both work and personal relationships.

I didn't expect someone so intuitive and understanding. In the very first session, Libby shifted deep-seated and lifelong perceptions and emotions. She showed me how profoundly I could change and how, with the right tools, I could heal from a lifetime of hurt.

The transformation was profound and took me completely by surprise.

The benefits have been huge. I've learned to trust and connect with people far more than ever. It has strengthened my relationships at work and at home, and my loved ones have noticed significant changes. I now function better on an emotional level and can deal with daily situations better. 

Libby turned my life around. She gave me the tools and understanding I desperately needed to get free of the pain and turmoil. I am eternally grateful to her. If you are in anguish or despair, I would absolutely recommend her, without hesitation!

"After a minor adenoidectomy and grommet surgery, our son Michael reacted unusually during recovery. Within 48 hours he was given a wheelchair and no diagnosis." (Boy, 8 years)

After a minor adenoidectomy and grommet surgery, our son Michael reacted unusually during recovery. In the first 24 hours post-surgery, he experienced increasingly severe lower-limb pain and loss of function. Within 48 hours he was given a wheelchair and no diagnosis.

Over the following 12 days a full suite of tests was performed with no consensus being reached as to the cause of his symptoms. Things were getting progressively worse. We began planning for a life with a child permanently wheelchair-bound.

I knew Libby and of her experience in personal coaching and ‘brain training’, so I approached her with Michael’s situation. When she suggested that she could talk with Michael I was open to the idea, although I made it clear that I was sceptical of what I perceived to be pseudo-scientific, eastern religious practices.

These fears were alleviated as I sat in with Michael during the consultation with Libby.

She was very pragmatic and reassuring in her manner and explained what was going to happen before the formal exercises began. The treatment consisted of a personalised guided visualisation process. I had experienced something similar when studying sport psychology and in learning complex physical tasks. Consequently, I was aware that the practice related to cognitive training rather than anything mystic.

At the end of the one-hour consultation, our son stood almost entirely unaided for the first time in nearly two weeks. In the hour that followed, he left his wheelchair and began using a walking frame, which he quickly discarded as he started to walk independently.

Michael had one more dose of pain killers approximately eight hours later, but apart from that, has been completely restored to full health.

I was very impressed with Libby and her approach; clearly the results speak for themselves. She took my personal beliefs and concerns seriously and did not minimise them. We couldn’t have asked for anything more!  I wholeheartedly recommend her.

"Before coming to Libby, I was a heavy smoker and had been for 40 years. At one stage in my life, it was normal for me to get through 60 cigarettes a day. It was killing me." (Male, 60 yrs)

After 8 heart attacks I finally got to a point in my life where I had to give up smoking. 

Before I met Libby I had tried to quit smoking plenty of times. I went cold turkey six times, tried gum, patches, pills, even hypnotism. Nothing worked.

Even though I knew what smoking was doing to me, and how likely it was the next heart attack would kill me, I truly believed I could not rid myself of this addiction; that I couldn’t quit. I had given up on life.

Libby asked me if I was serious about quitting and said she could help. She displayed such a calm confidence in her own abilities, I actually believed her! I just knew that if anyone could help me, it was this knowledgeable, well-considered woman. That said, I was deeply afraid of failing. This was my last chance and I knew it.

As I worked with Libby, it became clear that I was not just an exercise. She actually cared. I also discovered that she is far more skilled than I first believed. In spite of my long history of failure, she quickly convinced me that I could stop smoking, and that is quite something!

Libby gave me the real-world tools to beat this addiction, tools that I still use today. One thing I found liberating was the understanding that this addiction was in my mind, and that my mind could be reshaped and strengthened just like a muscle. This single concept gave me a sense of control that I hadn’t felt for a long, long time.

The results? I've stopped smoking! I'm healthier and I'm more financially secure because of it. My whole outlook on life has changed. I used to think that my life span would be short and that nothing I did could change that. That suffocating sense of powerlessness is gone now. Libby has shown me that with the right mental tools, I can overcome any addiction and control my life and the outcomes.

I’m enjoying life again and I wake up looking forward to the future. Libby, you are the Liberator! Thank you!

"Life gets messy for most of us and it is hard to make change on your own. Knowing the value of a skilled, professional coach, I am very selective about who I ask for help." (Jenny)

Life gets messy for most of us and it is hard to make change on your own. Knowing the value of working with a skilled, professional coaching practitioner, I am very selective about who I ask for help.

Libby was my first choice.

She is insightful, present and compassionate, with a tremendous range of practical coaching tools that she uses to great effect. Purposeful yet unhurried, Libby takes you through awareness and understanding and leads you to insight.

The ‘aha’ moments continue on reflection after each session, deepening awareness through application.

If you are looking for specialist coaching that really works, make time to see Libby.